Tips For Packing

There are three different ways to pack up your household items. You can do it all yourself, have the moving company pack some of your items, or you can have them pack everything. If you have anyone other than the moving company pack your items, please understand that the moving company is not liable for any of the damage that may occur inside of the boxes during your move.

If you pack yourself, begin packing many days prior to the move. People often underestimate how long it will take to pack their belongings. All packing should be completed by the evening before moving day. Only essential personal items should be left for last minute packing.

Follow packing tips carefully to help prevent damage. Beginning well before your load date, pack one room at a time. Mark all boxes with room and box number and make a list showing the number of boxes packed per room, as well as the total number packed. Staying organized will also help unpacking at your new residence. Do not seal boxes in which you have packed items of high value, since the contents must be verified by your driver at time of loading. Keep the weight of each box under 50 pounds. This will help you in packing and unpacking of boxes need to be moved around. It will also facilitate quicker loading and unloading of your moving van.

Essentials for Packing Up Your Residence

You will need: unprinted newspaper and tissue paper (newspaper ink can soil and even damage some items), 2″ plastic tape (to assemble and close cartons), utility knife, scissors, permanent markers, E-Crates or moving boxes, labels, and bubble wrap.

For a more extensive list of guidelines, please refer to Allied’s Packing Tips page.

Hiring experienced, fast packers is another great option. You can make arrangements to hire these packers when hiring your movers. Make them part of your contract for packing day. AmeriMove charges for this packing service by the box.

A good way to save money and also have your valuables insured on moving day is to hire experienced packers to partially pack your household items. Make sure your estimate is clear on the items to be packed. The packers can pack all of the breakable items such as china, glass, and ceramics.

Special Tips for Packing AMPS

Refer to these guidelines as you’re packing boxes for your AMPS unit. These are also helpful when self-packing for a traditional moving truck:

  • Disassemble furniture if possible and cover with padding.
  • Pack books and papers in small boxes to control weight.
  • Use properly sized boxes to make moving easier.
  • Protect items with paper or cloth padding material.
  • Fill boxes completely to reduce shifting in transit.
  • Pack breakables in dish-pack or glassware boxes with heavy items in the bottom of the boxes. Stack dishes on their side and glassware upright.
  • Wrap mirror and pictures with paper or cloth padding and pack into mirror boxes. Do not lay flat.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry appliances before storing. Tape down moving parts. When storing a refrigerator or freezer, sprinkle baking soda over flat surfaces and leave door ajar.
  • Securely close all boxes and label with their contents.

Filling Your AMPS Container:

  • Load heavy items on bottom with lighter items on top.
  • Ask for a mover to help with especially heavy or awkward items.
  • Place items you may need access to in the front of the AMPS.
  • Distribute weight evenly in AMPS.
  • Store large or bulky items in the center of the AMPS.
  • Most sofas can stand on end for best use of space.
  • Mattresses and box springs should be wrapped or boxed.
  • Do not load more than 2,000 pounds into your AMPS container.
  • List stored items, with location, on inventory list. Update as items are removed or added.

Safety Precautions:

  • When lifting heavy items, bend at knees instead of waist and grip firmly.
  • Do not store liquids, flammables, or hazardous materials.
  • Do not remove weather-resistant cover from AMPS.
  • Do not let children or animals in or around AMPS.
  • When not loading the AMPS, close and lock door with your padlock and close weather-resistant cover.

When you finish loading up the unit(s), please give us a call at (850) 656-7100. We’ll have a team of our expert movers pick up the AMPS from your place of residence.

Please note: AmeriMove does not accept responsibility for any damaged or broken belongings that have been packed in AMPS units. The reason being that these belongings have not been packed by one of our professional movers.