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Are you interested in hiring AmeriMove for your upcoming move? Our company offers a wide range of services for residential and commercial moves in Florida. Please call us at (850) 656-7100 or fill out the form to the right. We will send a salesperson to your house or business to provide you with a free quote for moving.

What Will Your Quote Cover?

The quote will clearly spell out the services to be provided and the amount of valuation coverage included. It also includes the address you are moving to, if possible. (If you are not sure of the address you are moving to the day your estimate is made, your guaranteed price will be subject to change based on conditions at your final destination, such as the number of stairs or the accessibility of your destination for a large van.) Whenever possible, always have the estimator view your new place of residence before they make their final estimate.

Florida Specific Rules for Moving Quotes

Every state has different rules about moving quotes. In Florida, the moving company must provide you with an estimated price for either an intrastate or local move before they begin. Even though this may be just an estimated move price and thus the actual price may change, the moving company is required by law to deliver your goods upon receipt of guaranteed funds in the amount of the original estimate. A guaranteed price is different from an estimated price in that it is the exact amount a company will charge you for the services they agree to perform. This quote must be in writing. Verbal quotes are considered illegal.

Factors that will Affect Your Moving Quote

The size of your van is very important. Make sure you know what size truck will arrive at your house or apartment on moving day. Make van size part of your contract. Some local companies charge the same rate for all van sizes. Make sure your salesperson has allowed for the proper moving van size.

If you are paying by the hour, making double trips will add a lot of expense to your move. You may want to contract for two vans to arrive on moving day if the size of your van is limited for some reason (low hanging trees, narrow streets, or steep driveways). An extra van can help speed up your move and may cost you only a small fee.

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